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Bicycle Insignia Back Blue


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The classically-styled Bicycle Insignia Back playing cards, now in Red and Blue backs. Printed by the US Playing Card Company.

Classic Box and Faces

Like the earlier edition, the Red and Blue Insignia decks will have a classic-style tuck box with no sticker seal, plus STANDARD Bicycle faces. This gives the decks maximum familiarity and compatibility with other decks on the market. We’ll be using the classic Ace of Spades and including two identical color Jokers.

New Gaffs

We’re changing up the gaffs for this edition. The Red deck will include a Red/Red Double Backer and a Blank Facer. The Blue deck with include a Blue/Blue Double Backer and a Blank Facer. These gaffs have become “industry standard” and are super useful for hundreds of possible magic tricks.

Same Great Feel

Just like the Black and White decks, Insignia Back Red and Blue will be printed on a Crushed Classic Stock with an embossed Air-Cushion “Magic Finish” to give a premium feel and handling. If you got the last batch, you know just how good these cards feel. If you’re a card player, magician, or do those crazy fancy cardistry moves, these cards are up for whatever you throw at them. Or whatever you throw them at, if that’s what you’re into.

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