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Meow Star (Knitted Sweater)


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Meow star is not only for shuffling, but also for admiration.

The Meow Star Vending Machine sleeve looks just like a snack pack. The front has the words Meow Star in capital letters and Vending Machine written right underneath it. The rest of it is dominated by an illustration of a Strawberries and Cream dessert, and you can find a cute but realistic ingredient list at the back.

The package hides secrets, much like a surprise egg hides a toy inside such as its innovative tuck design. If you pull on the tip of the ear visible on the outside, you’ll pull out the cutest cat. There is a greedy orange cat hiding inside of the snack pack and the sweater becomes the home of a lazy Garfield. Look, they are wrinkling their noses as you pull them out by the ear! Quick, let them crawl back in before they get angry!

Featuring 56 custom playing cards printed by United States Playing Card Co with legendary Air-Cushion Finish.

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